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Subscription overview

Our subscription packages utilize a combination of different platforms to distribute your jobs and reinforce your DEI brand though community ERC’s.

  • An effortless 24/7, 365-day continuous comprehensive outreach strategy
  • Corporate diversity branding tools & logo rotation on our website
  • Promotion of your current DEI outreach strategy
  • Distribution of your jobs to hundreds of Job Counsellors throughout Canada


Employer Profiles

Each employer is given their own individual presence on Equitek through our employer listings and logo rotations throughout our website. Job seekers are hyperlinked directly to your corporate career page where they can explore your brand and DEI messaging. Here job seekers can access your ATS where they will mine for and apply for jobs.

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We distribute your jobs to the underrepresented groups in several ways

Most Recent Jobs


This is our next evolution in DEI outreach strategies. We connect directly to your ATS to post your company’s most recent jobs from your ATS to our partnering ERC’s.

Equitek sends out job notification emails to our entire National network of Job Counsellors so they are always aware of the most recent job opportunities you offer.

Placement in Job Categories

This is a way for you to attract job seekers to specific professions available in your organization. Employers in job categories are identified by their corporate logo and job seekers are hyperlinked to your corporate career page.


DEI Outreach Programs

A version of Employer branding, the DEI Outreach Program is concerned with enhancing your company’s brand while defining your commitment to workforce inclusion. These DEI Outreach Programs will augment your reach and message to attract diverse candidates to a specific initiative or campaign.

The DEI Outreach Program denotes your organization’s reputation as an employer and defines the image of your organization as a ‘great place to work’.

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