How to use Equitek

Under “Browse Jobs” in the Job Seekers section are a variety of ways to search for jobs. This is where our Equitek subscribers advertise their most recent jobs. Get a head start; many of these opportunities have yet to be posted to employment job boards and other career sites.

Search for Most Recent Jobs


Our newest platform utilizes a dynamic feed to link to jobs posted directly from the employer’s ATS. These are the most recent jobs in the last 48 hours.

Job seekers can also click on the company logo and go through the employer’s information page to see all the jobs currently offered on their ATS.


These job postings are time sensitive and contain new opportunities every day.

You can click on the company logo at any time on both platforms to take you directly to the employer’s information page. Follow the instructions on each platform to navigate a further search through all of Canada, Eastern Canada or Western Canada.

Equitek is not a job board. To view the job opportunities, you will need to follow the link – directly to the job description on the employer’s ATS if you use “Connected” or through the employer’s information page then directly to their ATS to see all their current job opportunities if you use “48 Recent Jobs”.

Your job seekers will then need to follow any application instructions on the employer’s information page and website to apply online and take the best advantage of these opportunities.

Search by Job Categories

These are employers who advertise jobs within these professions. You can click on a category and then click on the company logo. Job seekers will go through the information page to the employer’s ATS.

Search by  Employers

Browse through the list of the employers by name and access all their current jobs through their information page to the employer’s ATS.

Hot Jobs

These are featured employment opportunities and special initiatives being offered right now by the following Canadian employers. The hot jobs are frequently rotated so check often.