Featuring Payments Canada

  • July 9, 2018

The Canadian economy depends on the exchange of billions of dollars each day. Payments Canada is responsible for the clearing and settlement infrastructure, processes and rules essential to those transactions. We are delegated by the Canadian Government to support a vibrant economy by helping to meet the payment needs of consumers and business, and empowering a new era of modern payments.

We’re headquartered in Ottawa with approximately 110 full-time staff and operate under a board of directors. We are a public purpose, non-profit organization fully funded by the financial institutions that participate in our systems.

Payments Canada’s core purpose is to underpin the Canadian financial system and economy by providing safe, efficient and effective clearing and settlement of payments. Our vision is to be the centre of excellence for payments in Canada. Our employees are essential in achieving this vision. To this end, we recruit talented and highly knowledgeable candidates from a variety of academic backgrounds, such as research, risk and security, legal, information technology, finance, public affairs, and business.

Our goal is to create a workplace environment that inspires employees to make a difference.We encourage you to join our team and contribute to the good of the Canadian financial system.