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Clean Harbors

  • February 19, 2024

40 Years of Sustainability in Action – Our employees are the heart of Clean Harbors. They do the dirty, difficult and dangerous work that keeps our world clean and safe. For 40 years, our people have worked to protect our wonderful world.

Clean Harbors recognizes that sustainability stewardship is a core aspect of our brand and a key component of our long-term business success. Sustainability is our responsibility to the environment, society and the economy. We are committed to working with stakeholders to enhance business value while minimizing negative impacts and seeking opportunities for improvement.

Clean Harbors is looking for individuals who are passionate about their careers and helping the environment. At Clean Harbors you will be able to pursue your major in one of our various departments while performing work that truly makes a difference in people’s lives and protects the planet. We are looking for people who are experts in their field and can bring their unique perspective and knowledge to make an impact in the company and the environment.

An Environment of Belonging – As a Company, we take pride in acknowledging individual contributions, successes, and concerns. At Clean Harbors we are committed to continuing to seek and support employees and industry partners who share our commitment to an inclusive work environment, now and in the future.