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City of Mississauga

  • June 2, 2024

Working at the City of Mississauga means you will be part of a team of amazingly talented and motivated people. Watch how our team makes a difference in the lives of our residents. How we work and communicate is a key part of who we are and helps define not only what we do but how we do it. Our spirit and culture is defined by 5 characteristics:

  • Open and engaging: We have a welcoming and supportive attitude and are always looking to find new solutions and create opportunities.
  • Vibrant: We are dynamic and bold. We are connected and engaged with our many communities and are always looking for ways to celebrate the rich culture of our people, neighbourhood and communities.
  • Optimistic: We look towards the future with a positive can-do attitude and are committed to making great things happen.
  • Collaborative: We are open to new partnerships, co-creation and working with individuals and groups that share our values and vision for Mississauga.
  • Effective: We are focused on finding solutions and know how to get things done.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are key priorities at the City of Mississauga. The City is committed to creating a respectful and supportive workplace that fosters a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion and which broadly reflects the communities and residents we serve. An equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace is beneficial to everyone. With a diverse workforce, the City can enhance our ability to develop innovative new programs, foster stronger relationships with communities and enhance service delivery by leveraging the unique talents, skills and expertise of employees. We are striving to create a workplace where everyone belongs and has an opportunity to succeed, free from discrimination.