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Featuring Cogeco

  • February 26, 2023

Cogeco Is a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace. You Belong Here.

Cogeco is made up of unique individuals, and for us, our plurality is one of our greatest strengths. Diversity, inclusion and belonging are values that we hold dear. All employees are fully accepted – whatever the features that distinguish them from others –, and we embrace our differences with enthusiasm and pride!

We foster a company culture that allows everyone to experience what it’s like to belong, and easily contribute, to our community. People here feel free to speak and to share ideas, and as they see their inputs are valued, they are in the best position to provide an amazing service to our customers. We believe that a work environment where employees can reach their full potential will always keep us moving forward.

At Cogeco, diversity is an essential asset to our organization’s performance. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all qualified individuals wishing to join our company, regardless of cultural and individual differences.