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TC Energy

  • January 21, 2024

The world needs a transition to cleaner energy sources that also support its growing demand. That’s the challenge our team tackles every day. Our team is a part of some of the world’s boldest and forward-thinking energy projects in North America that move, generate and store energy while making real impacts in the communities we work in.

Diversity drives high performance and makes us better. We know that when we bring different people, ideas, backgrounds, opinions and skills to the table, and embrace our differences – we create a creative, innovative and high-performing culture.

When everyone feels safe and empowered to bring their very best – that’s when we spark innovation. We’re working to foster an inclusive workplace where every member of our team is respected and feels that they can achieve their full potential.

Together, we are leaving behind an incredible legacy. The next energy solution is one good idea away. Are you the person to help us build it?