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Our Continued Commitment to D&I, I

  • July 8, 2020

The world is changing in a powerful way. There is a very compelling call to action to deliver real change which has re-energized Diversity & Inclusion, Intersectionality (D&I, I).

While conventional diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives focus on employee engagement and belonging, today’s message reaches far beyond the workplace – to change marginalized communities most burdened by systematic racism and lack of opportunities.

Job seekers from the underrepresented groups are asking companies for equality, not charity. They are not asking to be hired because they are from an underrepresented group but to stop, not hiring them because they are from an underrepresented group.

At Equitek, we commit to a renewed focus on our social responsibility to our community partnerships by:

  • Expanding our workshops virtually across Canada to our community partners at no charge
  • Working to make equitable access to employment the norm in recruitment and hiring
  • Improving employer engagement in community employment initiatives


We want to help. As the daunting re-opening schedules are released and businesses look to gear up fully after extended closures, Equitek has made our D&I, I outreach solution more affordable to help Canadian employers commit to a D&I, I strategy – not simply a box to be checked.

Please contact Equitek for more information.